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It is impossible to count how many review sites exist on the Internet. So why did we decide to create another one?

Two issues plague the commerce media landscape — homogeneity and incentive. Want to read about the features of the latest Apple or Samsung or Google product? Hundreds of popular sites are at your disposal to list the pros and the cons of what is considered hot right now. We started “We Know Products” to address some of the smaller releases, cool products whose companies lack the marketing budgets of the modern titans of industry. In general, you will find reviews here of items you won’t find elsewhere on the Internet.

The other problem with commerce content comes down to incentives. The traditional publisher business model is broken, and nowadays nearly every publisher is trying to add to the books via affiliate revenue. (Like every other recommendation site, “We Know Products” may make a commission off purchases made through links). Some do this more successfully than others, and although the better ones profess editorial integrity, an incentive to drive sales cannot help but influence the content and direction of the reviews.

“We Know Products” does not focus on the popular nor on the heavily discounted. We just write about products we like and think more people should know about.

If you have a recommendation for such a product (or want to submit such a review yourself), please email our CEO & Publisher Brian Danza at [email protected].